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In an effort to assist our clients in living a healthier lifestyle, ultimately decreasing health insurance premiums, I will sometimes share information promoted by the various insurance companies we represent…

“An apple a day is a good start. But more is better. The latest recommendation suggests that eating five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables a day can help prevent heart disease, stroke and some cancers. And fruits and vegetables can help manage your weight, too.”

“Five to nine servings may sound like a lot, but you may be surprised at the size of one serving. For many fruits, it’s one-half cup. A large salad is often two to four servings. Twelve ounces of juice counts for two.”

Making the right decisions can sometimes be overwhelming, but awareness is the first step on the long road to success.

When it comes to exercise, “The recommendations for exercise – 30 minutes a day most days of the week.” But keep in mind, that “any exercise is helpful. In fact, sedentary people who begin limited, regular exercise experience significant health benefits.”

Just some food for thought…no pun intended.

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