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Now that we are in the prime of storm season, it is a good time to know everything a business owner can to guarantee a seamless, smooth transition with reference to down time, temporary housing and operations, and then a return to a normal operating environment again.

A business may be property, equipment and space dependent in their operations, where it may be necessary to have temporary accommodations ready for immediate start up and use when needed. A commercial real estate professional can assist a business owner in quickly finding the ideal building that best fit your business needs, even before the need arises. Or, a business's temporary needs may be as easy as accessing refrigeration, power, computers or utility resource(s).

Often business owners may not completely foresee all needed space, capacity, operations or resources needed in the event of loss. An experienced and informed agent in commercial Insurance may also be a resource with the knowledge to help a business owner identify unanticipated needs. If you have been thinking about disaster preparedness and need some help thinking through the process, contact BIG and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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