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On June 11th our company went live with a brand new Agency Management System which, more specifically, is a company wide computer software. I share this with you to not only apologize in advance for any minor inconvenience you may experience with this installation, but to also take this opportunity to share with you the benefits of this decision.

Once we are fully operational, we will have all the same administrative capability that even the largest insurance brokers nationally have available to them. This software allows us to actually enter the computer systems of many of our insurance companies in order to up and down load endorsements or changes to your coverage, acquire exact policy coverage and detail, and much more. We are able to provide many of you with instant insurance certificates and binders from the policy data fields already stored in the system.

All of our communications and documents are stored on file so that there is no confusion about what has taken place and why. These records are permanently stored in the system. There is also an integrated accounting system keeping close track of transactions with clients, insurance companies and vendors. Insurance company payables and client receivables are easily reconciled to assure accurate collection and payment of insured's premiums. I could go on and on about these advantages, but it would virtually take the remaining space in the balance of our 2007 newsletters to review all of the many features and capabilities that are now available to both of us.

We have been committed to the best service for our clients since 1988 and now we can say that we have done everything necessary to deliver on that promise. It will take us up to a year to fully integrate all of the features of this new program, but with this initial effort I hope that you conclude that our actions demonstrate how important you are to us.

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