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You may have noticed a few advertisements for Medicare lately,  as it is their season of open enrollment.  For those of us who sell Medicare products, the fall season has also become a Medicare season for us,  and we go through a grueling certification process before we can represent the various products for the coming year.   The  AEP (annual enrollment period) which began Oct 15th,  is a time to join if a person passed on their initial enrollment period when turning 65, switch plans, and disenrollment from Medicare Advantage and Part D (prescription drug) plans.  Since many people continue working past age 65 and may stay on their employer’s group plan, this can be a time to review all options.  Individual Medicare plans are generally cheaper in cost and rich in coverage, so even if employer sponsored coverage may still be an option, some choose the individual Medicare option.  I would be happy to review this scenario with you and your employee who may be eligible for Medicare, if you want further information.  Businesses can also put together a group Medicare plan for retired and active employees.  The minimum to start a group is 10, but that can include  employee spouses.  A contribution from the employer is not required, and it’s great PR for the employer to offer such a benefit.  I would also be happy to discuss and/or meet with friends or family members of yours,  who may be looking for clarification and understanding of the many Medicare products.  It can be overwhelming for a person soon to be Medicare eligible, as one is deluged with Medicare marketing material.  Feel free to pass along my name and number, and I do appreciate your referrals.   Happy Fall & Holidays!


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