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The IRS has released the HSA contribution limits and minimum deductibles for 2008.
2008 HSA Contribution Amount
$2,900 Single
$5,800 Family
2008 Minimum Deductible (same as 2007)
$1,100 Single
$2,200 Family
2008 Maximum Out-of-Pocket
$5,600 Single
$11,200 Family
For more information about the 2008 limits visit: http://ustreas.gov/offices/public-affairs/hsa/pdf/rp-2007-36.pdfhttp://ustreas.gov/offices/public-affairs/hsa/pdf/rp-2007-36.pdf

 Don't forget that the 2007 legislative changes allow account holders to contribute the maximum IRS limit, despite what their deductible may be (although there are some restrictions to this rule). For more information on the 2007 guidance visit: http://ustreas.gov/offices/public-affairs/hsa/07IndexedAmounts.shtml

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