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In 2010,  I sold more individual medical insurance than I ever have in my 14 year career of selling health insurance.  My marketing to, and focus on the small business community has not changed, but the heightened interest in individual medical insurance, clearly indicates some changes in the insurance climate.  We can blame it on HCR (health care reform), loss of jobs & group benefits, more consumer awareness and interest, or businesses dropping their benefits programs.  Whatever the reason, more people are searching for individual options.  The other change that begins this year is that the first of the "baby boomers" are aging into eligibility for Medicare, and we all have heard by now that this age group is the largest segment of our nation's population.  Hence, more individuals will be searching for information and understanding of the Medicare plan options.  An employee of yours may still  be working and eligible for Medicare, so it could be worth everyone's time to explore which health plan benefits the most.

My message this new year is to remind you of my ability and knowledge to assist with individual medical insurance, for people of all ages.  You may have some employees that don't meet the eligibility requirements for your group plan, or have someone who gets laid off or hours cut and cannot afford the COBRA premium.  Your employees would certainly appreciate some direction if need be.  You may have friends, family, or business associates, that are looking for help in this area and don't know where to turn.  I have even discovered that, for folks that are not accepted for individual coverage because of health issues, and then enroll in our State insurance pool MCHA (who must take these individuals), they do not necessarily pay more in premium.  A new business may not be quite ready for the financial burden of a group benefits plan, yet they may want to help with individual insurance for their first employees. If so, please keep us in mind to assist with those needs.

The individual medical insurance market has made many changes in the last 6 months, and they are creating and tweaking as I write this.  Depending on how things shake out in the next few years with reforming health care, the individual markets are scrambling to meet the needs for individual situations.  We are here to help people know their options and point them in the right direction.  

Happy New Year!

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