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What is your greatest business asset?  Location, cash flow, products, services?  It’s your employees - day in and day out.  They have talent, expertise and an in-depth knowledge of your business. In most cases, you don’t even realize that they are painfully waiting for recognition. The classic pat on the back can go a long way.  However, it may be time to review and implement a system that will reward and motivate your workforce.  

Your company IS big enough to use the best benefits the industry has to offer.  You should be looking for help to enhance your employee’s programs as a long-term business strategy.  Any money you spend on HR best practices is money that will directly and indirectly come back to your organization’s bottom line. The proof is in the research. http://hrba.org.

Designing a human resource support program that is both right-priced and tailored to your company's needs begins with a needs assessment.  A needs assessment will identify ways to improve HR practices and efficiencies, then design and implement a plan to reduce employment risk.

Some of the top practices companies use to achieve these results can be very simple to implement.  Below is a short list of ideas that can make a difference in the work place:

  • Performance linked bonuses
  • Evaluation system for employees
  • Knowledge sharing and shared computing systems
  • Working from home arrangements; flex-time arrangements; job sharing
  • Rewards programs
  • Examples of extra HR support available for nominal fees to employers:
  • Direct access to a dedicated HR professional for answers and assistance; or on-site assistance when needed
  • Proactive guidance & consultation on employment practices
  • Records management
  • Employee policy development and employee handbooks, performance management tools, and manager training programs
If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to discuss a program that takes advantage of best practices in the small to medium-size business workplace, please contact me.   I can talk to you about custom solutions that may be available to help your business.

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