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Mary BatesMary BatesFall is upon us, and to many, a favorite time of year.  It marks the end of the growing season with a display of beautiful colors before winter's rest.  Fall is a very busy time of year in the health insurance world however, filled with end of the year renewals and open enrollment season for Medicare and the individual market.  

The Medicare open enrollment will be especially busy this year with many folks having to choose a new plan because the one they've had is going away.  While this will be a burden for those affected by this change, the good news is that it's brought new players to town!

Beginning in January of 2019, United Health Care (UHC) will be entering our Employer market, as will Aetna/Allina.  Even though United Health Care has had their headquarters here in MN, they have not been able to sell to small group businesses because of legislative regulations.  

UHC and Aetna really didn't have an interest in our business market until this big change for Medicare members, opening up business opportunities in the Medicare arena, so why not jump in with both feet also market to our Minnesota businesses.  

Two new players added to our four will make things interesting, and I believe healthy competition to the group market portfolio.  We don't have the details yet, but this fall promises new life in an old market.  We will keep you posted...

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