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Jereme BatesJereme BatesSummertime is a special time of year for Minnesotans.  After what seems like an endless winter we only have a handful of months to enjoy all that summer has to offer. That is of course, before we hunker down again for another long winter.  So if your're anything like me, it's go-go-go, until it's too cold to go anymore!  Unfortunately we also see an influx of claims during the summer months. Here are the claims that we see soar during the worry-free summer days.

BBQ Grill Fires - Never place your grill near flammables and never leave it unattended. If using a charcoal grill, make sure the embers are completely extinguished before leaving it.  If you store in your garage or deck, be sure the grill has cooled before covering or putting it away.

Boating Accidents - Boating accidents increase during the summer months for obvious reasons.  Before you hit the waters, make sure your boat is in good mechanical running order, and reacquaint yourself on boat safety rules/regulations.

Car Accidents - Summertime travel plans mean we are spending more time on the road. Make sure you stay on top of your car maintenance to avoid an overheated vehicle, tire blowout, or impact with another vehicle.

Drownings - There is a direct correlation between soaring temperatures and the number of lake, river or pool, drownings in MN. If you own a boat or lake home, practice caution and follow the appropriate safety guidelines.  But you might also consider increasing liability insurance to protect you and your loved ones from negligence claims.   If you are a pool owner, make sure your gates are always locked and inaccessible to outsiders. 

Hail Claims - If at all possible park your car in a covered garage during the summer months.  High temperatures mean flash storms and an increased number of automobile hail claims. 

Home Burglary and Break-Ins - A summer on the go means we often leave our home unoccupied.  An unoccupied home is a target for burglars and that is when break-ins are more likely to occur. Reduce the risk of a break-in with a security alarm system and motion detection lights. Also,  stop your mail or have a neighbors collect any mail, newspapers, or packages, left at the door while you are away.

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