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Today’s world demands that we all be aware of waste, depletion of natural resources, and harm to our environment.  Our economy demands of businesses the same along with a reduction in  redundancy and more for the consumer, in order to survive.  These demands  require us all to move ahead with available technological advances that have evolved in recent years.  These advances have allowed global communication at virtually no expense. It has reduced the use of paper, shortened the time to share information,  facilitated remote access to central corporate locations, and brought world, national, and local news to us immediately, so that decisions are based more on fact and less on feel. Today’s technology lends to corporations securing operating alternatives that are less expensive  and more efficient; allowing faster and more direct communication with documentation available for the record. 
The technology boom has  opened a new world to business as a whole.  Companies must now decide how they will utilize these gifts and move forward into the 21st century.  Bates Insurance Group is no different.  As I shared with you in our July 2007 Newsletter, our agency  installed an advanced agency management software that has given us capability beyond our initial expectations.  We can do all the necessary tasks to bring you state of the art service, and at the same time we are able to store and track documents, communications, and insurance policies; upload and download with our partner companies, and much more.   So where do we go from here?
First of all, you probably have  noticed by now that our Newsletter is coming to you via the Internet.  This allows us to send it directly to more people expeditiously, without the waste of paper and cost necessary to mail  this as a hard copy. (We will however, mail you a copy if that is your preference)  We have installed a remote access capability through internal servers that allows us to not only interact with you, but to take care of your immediate needs no matter where we are in the state, country, or even world. In fact, I can add that if we have an internet connection, we have access to anything we need to serve you, that we would normally have sitting at our desk in our office.  Further, our cell phones synchronize with our computers, allowing us more immediate access without the need of an actual computer, with almost the same capability.  My new Explorer even came with a Sync system that totally interacts with my cell phone, so that I can talk to you with both hands on the steering wheel! 
I hope that many of you have noticed that our services have grown over the past few years to a point that we are virtually taking care of your needs within hours and not days of being requested.  We are happy to bring to you these technological advancements that are available to us today.  Know that we are not going to stop here and we pledge the best products and service available to you in our industry.      

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