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1 jereme batesOnce upon a time, the "all-knowing" Human Resources/Financial administrator, sat down with their employees fielding all benefits questions as they came along. Questions like when do my benefits begin, what is coinsurance, how does COBRA and FMLA work, what's a HSA, and which application do I use for my newborn child. This was without a doubt, a challenging position that takes a long time to master.

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Well, don't look now, but everything has changed like it always does. Now, the only thing these benefit's "gurus" have to remember is how to log in to their company's branded enrollment site! Let's take a look.

The internet has revolutionized benefits administration and now everything that took years to master is almost self-explanatory and only a few mouse clicks away. No longer do we have to deliver forms or chase down open enrollment elections, change forms, etc... No longer do we need to calculate premiums every time an employee walked in with a life event. No longer do we need company-wide enrollment meetings to explain benefits only for an employee to go home and try to explain the details to their spouse. Nowadays, we have one resource for HR & Benefits, Compliance, Enrollments, New Hires Payroll, and more...

Bates Insurance Group clients start with a company branded website portal for existing plans and employees. This is a one-stop shop for employees to visit with benefit questions, to make changes, and more. The portals can be simple or elaborate with documents, videos and blogs. In addition, the portals can be used for so much more:

ACA Compliance

  • Track notifications
  • Measure variable hour employees and determine eligibility
  • Signature ready forms 1094C and 1095C.

Benefits Enrollment - Process for open enrollment, life event changes and more

  • Compare plans
  • Present premiums
  • Employee Education (videos, documents, etc...)
  • Make elections and e-sign all forms.
  • Track Progress and deliver payroll deduction reports

Onboarding - Process of introducing a new employee to your company's HR & Benefits

  • Collect I9, W4's and other forms online
  • Payroll and direct deposit
  • New hire enrollment platform
  • Capture proof of delivery (receipts) for various documents

Payroll Integration

  • Works with most payroll providers to transfer current data into EaseCentral

HR Resources

  • 3rd Party access to Legal resources
  • HR resources (COBRA, FMLA, etc...)

All of this has been adapted to today's market and is accessible from any PC, Smartphone or Tablet. The most exciting part of this benefits revolution is employers and employees alike, absolutely love it. This new technology represents a simpler, worry-free option for something that hasn't always been simple and worry-free. If would like to learn more please let us know.

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