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Blue Cross has a  new innovative service for small group members, where “the doctor is always in” for your employees.

With Online Care Anywhere®, both you and your employees benefit.  As an employer, you’re always seeking new ways to improve the health and productivity of your employees.  You’re interested in offering services that can help attract and retain valuable talent. You desire programs that make a significant impact and at the same time are both valued and used by your employees. Welcome to Online Care Anywhere.

You benefit from Online Care Anywhere in three valuable ways: 1) reducing time away from work 2) reducing medical costs and increasing employee satisfaction  3) medical costs may be reduced through fewer ER and Urgent Care visits. Time savings, convenience, and affordability, can lead to more satisfied employees.

How does Online Care Anywhere work for your employee?  Your employees can take advantage of unlimited doctor visits with a corporate subscription through Blue Cross, and your Minnesota-based employees and their family members can make unlimited visits to doctors through Online Care Anywhere. Up until now, when your employees have needed to see a doctor, they may have been inconvenienced or overwhelmed by the effort involved in locating a doctor, scheduling an appointment, taking time off work, traveling and/or waiting for an appointment. They may have felt anxious, distracted, or been absent from work. They may have even put off seeing a doctor or receiving the care they needed; well not anymore. With Online Care Anywhere from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, your employees can see a doctor whenever they need to;  from their home or office, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends and holidays. No appointment is necessary. No more waiting, and no more hassles.  If your employees can get online or get to a phone, they can use Online Care Anywhere.  They simply log on, choose the doctor they wish to see, and then they are immediately connected. That’s all there is to it.  Once online, they can talk to and see the doctor (with a webcam) and share notes on-screen. The doctor can answer their questions and write prescriptions when necessary. They can also be referred to another doctor for a concern or even to provide a second opinion.

Please contact Andy Atwood at the Bates Insurance Group, if you would like to learn more details about this program for small employers.

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