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What exactly are voluntary benefits and how can they benefit your business? To an employer, most employee benefits can be divided into two categories, contributory and non-contributory. Contributory means that a portion of the employee’s premium would be paid by the employer and non-contributory means that the premium would be left solely to the individual employee. Voluntary benefits by definition are non-contributory, and are made available to employees, at their expense, who find value in having additional protection. Employees can purchase such voluntary benefits as dental, long term disability, short term disability, life/AD &D, and vision. A reason you may want to investigate this option further is the positive reflection it gives you as an employer. W e all know that employees will be attracted to the employer who provides them with the most benefit options. If you offer voluntary benefits to your employees, you are oftentimes viewed as offering more long term protection and benefits than the employer down the road. Voluntary benefits will he lp attract and maintain the kind of employees you are looking for and that is something everyone can use a little help with. There are participation requirements and size restrictions, but give us a call and we can tell you if this sort of program is right for you and your business.

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