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In the smaller sized business category, only 21% of employers have discussed adding voluntary products to their benefits package, yet they can be a real advantage for most employers. For those of you not familiar with voluntary products, they are the “ancillary” or additional benefits that can be purchased as a group through an employer, but totally paid for by each employee electing the coverage. These insurance plans can include Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term and Long Term Disability. Most of these plans are guarantee issue*, which makes the enrollment much easier. Is also seems that most employees would rather buy insurance through their worksite than directly from an agent. The employer sponsors these plans, sets up the payroll deductions from the employee’s checks for the premium, and makes one monthly payment to the insurance company. The bonus for you, the employer for this effort, is that it enhances your total benefits package, which makes it easier to recruit and retain quality employees. It continues to be cost challenge for business owners to offer a complete benefits package, so why not share some of that with the employee and offer options to those who really want them and are willing to pay? Give me a call if you’d like to explore this and I hope you’re having a great summer!

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