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As most of you know, a website is a continual work in progress. First comes the initial idea to tell the world who you are and what makes you special, then comes all of the technical expertise necessary to make the site work properly and look professional. All of this and that doesn't even consider how to have the search sites like Google, Bing, and others find you. Once you have that all figured out, then you decide what you should update, add more services or products, include new folks, and much more. Like I said, it is a work in progress...

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Well, our agency's website is no different. Over the years we have announced a number of times that we have a new feature or aspect to our site. Some of you may have even gone there to see what we had actually done, but most likely not. That is exactly why we decided to add some features to our site that you may very well feel could benefit you. Over the past few months our site has now become mobile. What does that mean? 75% of internet surfing is now done on phones and smaller tablets. That means your site must be able to adjust to the limited screens and lay out in a way so that the surfer doesn't be have to adjust every screen and feature. Now when someone goes to our site using their phone, they will be able to quickly get right to the feature they are looking for without any fine tuning. Second, we have added some easy-to-use tools where our clients and prospects can obtain competitive quotes for home, auto, health, dental, and vision insurance, and need not initially talk with anyone. If you find something you like in the health, dental, and vision products, you can just complete the purchase at that time; again, without any need to deal with our staff, unless of course you wish to. We have a convenient "Chat" capability for those who have questions or need some assistance. With the home and auto products, you will have 8 or 10 competitive companies considering your situation, and then our system will generate the most competitive opportunities for you. Finally, if interested, a simple call, email, Quick-Response, or Chat, will bring to you a staff member, who will answer your questions or help you complete the quoting process for absolute final numbers. It's as simple as sitting at your computer with your current auto and/or home policy/ies, and entering a bit of necessary information. Once completed the system generates our most competitive quotes for you. If you like the results, our staff will help you complete the process. No hard sell, pressure, or rush. Do this in the privacy of your home or office, and at your own pace. Also, as most of you are clients, please note that while you are at our site, one of the tabs on the home page is entitled "claims". There you can find our claims directory which includes all of our companies and their claims contact information. Just go to this page and you can easily determine where and how to file your claim. Always remember that you will need your policy number when filing a claim, and should you have any difficulty, we are here to assist you.

I would also direct your attention to the products and companies we represent. As a "Trusted Choice" agency, we represent many different companies and products. We are proud to represent the best options when looking to solve your insurance need.

Our new site is no different than many business websites, and for sure, a work in progress. Let us know what you think if you have time. Happy surfing!

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