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Jereme BatesThe "smart home" market is booming. It seems everything is "smart" these days;  computers, TV's, phones, tablets, refrigerators, thermostats, digital assistants, etc... The list goes on and on. These make our lives more convenient and they are not going anywhere, as the demand and capabilities continue to expand. Many of these devices connect to the web, giving a criminal an access point into your device, and eventually access to your home network, where they can see all of your connected devices and can pick and choose what to hack next.

Edward BatesEdward BatesI ran across an interesting article written on August 20, 2018 by HSH.com a mortgage company since 1979. These are many of the same topics we as agents are asked routinely. Take a minute to review these facts and see if you don't have a slightly better understanding of your homeowner's insurance. As always if you have questions contact us at BIG....

Mary BatesMary BatesAll ACA (Affordable Care Act) coverage and reporting obligations for employers remain in place for 2019.

Texas Court Ruling on ACA

A U.S District Court in Texas ruled that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional on Dec 14, 2018. This ruling has no immediate impact on us in MN, our programs or regulations, under the ACA.

Pete ThoresenPete ThoresenWhat an incredible year we've just experienced. Words like volatility, correction, bear-market, inversion, and recession have all been tossed around like confetti at a parade. Sometimes these descriptors have had proper context surrounding them, yet most of the time they are simply headliners intended to grab our attention. The media knows that these fear based descriptors are very effective to grab our attention, but are they really helpful to you or me? Think about how you feel when hearing these words? Other words like anxious, nervous, stressful, and worried come to mind, and these feelings can sometimes motivate us to make poor decisions when it comes to our finances or investments.

Ed BatesEd BatesEven though this article and survey is lengthy, it sheds light on current debate with health insurance in the United States.

Note this Kaiser Family Foundation survey covers the entire country and provides a broad view of the current state of health insurance in 2018. Please see   "Medicare of All" and recognize the huge difference in your cost that option might have on you. Let's continue to work and responsible solutions to our health care costs.

Kaiser Family Fund - 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey