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Jereme BatesJereme BatesSummertime is a special time of year for Minnesotans.  After what seems like an endless winter we only have a handful of months to enjoy all that summer has to offer. That is of course, before we hunker down again for another long winter.  So if your're anything like me, it's go-go-go, until it's too cold to go anymore!  Unfortunately we also see an influx of claims during the summer months. Here are the claims that we see soar during the worry-free summer days.

Edward BatesEdward BatesOver the years I have made an attempt to keep our customer base aware of the many services and products that we offer. It has been some time since I have shared this information, and think now would be a good time to do so.

Pete ThoresenPete ThoresenToday's wild ride in the market and our current world news is getting a bit nauseating!   Where are the good old days of "plow horse economy", and "new normal" where our daily markets hardly ever made the evening news.  Is this craziness yet another side-effect of our current unorthodox President Trump?  Maybe the Russians or consequences from quantitative easing?

Mary BatesMary BatesMedicare plans in Minnesota have some big changes coming up, and MN insurers are scrambling to make the transition as smooth as possible. Beginning January 1, 2019, Medicare "Cost" plans will no longer be available to residents in the metro area, and members will be forced to switch to a Medicare "Supplement" or "Advantage" type of plan.