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Jereme BatesJereme BatesAnother summer came and went with the blink of an eye.  As we look forward to cold days ahead, here's some tips from our friends at Travelers on how to protect your home from our Minnesota Winters...

While spring is a common time for many homeowners to spend some extra attention on upkeep and maintenance, autumn is just as critical a season for preparing your home to withstand the potentially harsh winter weather and temperature conditions that may await you.

Pete ThoresonPete ThoresonMaybe its just the news outlets that I tend to listen to, but it seems lately like hardly a day or two goes by and there's not a piece focused on the "Yield Curve" and its potential to invert! While terms like "2's of 10's" has become somewhat background to me, I've had some clients inquire on the topic and realize it is a bit Greek to the average reader (also maybe a bit drab I'm afraid).

Ed BatesEdward BatesI just want to take a few minutes and address a topic that has been getting more press lately than it deserves. With all the challenges we have with our United States health care system one of the plans being set forth is Medicare style health insurance for all.

They basically cite all the reasons why this may make sense but leave out one extremely important factor, COST. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) in 2018 came out with their estimate of what a Medicare for All program might cost. Their estimate was $32 Trillion over a 10 year period. With all the large numbers thrown around Washington one might suggest that we simply prioritize our spending and make this happen.

Mary BatesMary BatesFall is upon us, and to many, a favorite time of year.  It marks the end of the growing season with a display of beautiful colors before winter's rest.  Fall is a very busy time of year in the health insurance world however, filled with end of the year renewals and open enrollment season for Medicare and the individual market.