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Personal Disability Insurance from Bates Insurance Group, Eden Prairie MNPersonal Disability Insurance from
Bates Insurance Group, Eden Prairie MN

Disability Insurance Defined: Insurance policy that pays benefits to a policyholder when that person becomes incapable of performing one or more occupational duties, either temporarily or on a long-term basis, or totally. The policy is designed to replace a portion of the income lost because of the insured's disability. Payments begin after a specified period, called the elimination period, of several weeks or months.  Some policies remain in force until the person is able to return to work, or to return to a similar occupation, or is eligible to receive benefits from another program such as Social Security disability. Disability insurance payments are normally tax-free to beneficiaries as long as they paid the policy premiums. Many employers offer disability income insurance to their employees, though people are able to buy coverage on an individual basis as well.

Working with a knowledgeable, proactive agency can save you time and money on your Minnesota Personal Disability Insurance coverage.  BIG's strong market representation and years of experience ensures you are making the right choice for your insurance needs.


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