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What is causing health insurance to soar? We have all been hearing about high consumer usage, sophisticated technology that is groundbreaking but pricey, expensive drugs with high utilization, and longer life spans. The fact is, 20% of the patients drive 80% of costs. Costs for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and asthma account for more than 75% of health care costs. Heart disease and diabetes care accounted for $300 billion. The conclusion is that people with chronic diseases are on the rise and that is a major contributor to this increase in health care costs. The insurance carriers are being proactive and offering health management programs. Take advantage of these options and encourage your employees to participate. HealthPartners and Blue Cross have launched major care networks to help assess, monitor, and direct clients to appropriate care and support. HealthPartners will even offer a slight discount at renewal for companies that participate by taking a health assessment. Medica and Preferred One also offer “on line” health improvement tips and hotline service. Take advantage of these benefits and help to get control of these staggering figures. Early intervention and education can prevent millions of dollars of future catastrophic cost events.

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